Online Roulette Betting System

Mostly casino players are in the search of system which would help them getting their edge. So most of the players depend on a system according to which they have to double their bet after every loss as they realize that they can't afford loosing. This system has ruined many players and it's called martingale system.

You will exceed maximum bet on table after eight losses. If you have large money than you can win so maximum bets are set at the table. Martingale system is only effective in the initial stage of the game as players using it might win in successions but this doesn't work in later stages of the game so in my opinion this online system is not a full proof system.

You will be able to use this online roulette betting system only if you place money bets evenly. Betting red or black on roulette wheel is considered to be one of popular bets. When i started playing i decided to use this martingale system I made a profit of $300 in my first game itself. I often used to think that if this system really works than these casinos would no longer stay in this business.

Once I started playing with $500 according to martingale system, I started the game with $5 as a bet on red and continued playing until I lost my sixth bet in a line with only $185 left in my bankroll. But for the next bet I required $320 and I didn't had that money, I was very disappointed so I thought of taking a break.

This game is unpredictable as one can also lose many bets in a line. But still most of the players do believe in online roulette betting system and think that they will not lose by it. If you are of the opinion that no-one can lose more than seven bets in continuation then you must watch the display board which connected to roulette wheels that shows last twenty spins.

Mostly people get fooled by online roulette betting system as casino edge can't be changed by any betting system.